Household, real estate, animal and property insurances

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Household, real estate, animal and property insurances

In insurance issues related to property and assets, we provide answers to question related to, for example, the insurance company’s decision on a claim, the terms of the insurance contract, its scope of coverage, legal provision or procedures.

In these insurance classes, the questions often involve water and humidity damage inside the house or home,  compensations for damage caused by equipment or pipe system breakages or natural waters, the amount of the compensations and handling times.

In home and real estate insurance, compensation issues related to damages caused by building leakages, storms and fires often have to do with age reductions, interpretation of the policy terms as well as how the suddenness or unpredictability of the occurred damages should be interpreted.

In animal insurance, the question is mostly about the pet animals problems or illness being of the type that the related veterinary expenses can be compensated on the basis of the insurance. For example, most animal insurance policies exclude expenses related to the treatment of hereditary or congenital illness.

In property insurance, the question may relate to forest or boat insurance policies, focusing on contracts and compensations. It may also be a question of product insurance issues or accidents of cellular phone or other pieces of property.