About us


FINE is a financial sector organisation comprising the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau and the three Complaints Boards for Insurance, Banking and Investment issues, Executive Committee and the Board.

The Consumer Agency, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Federation of Finnish Financial Services founded FINE on 1 January 2009, merging the operations of the formerly separate Consumers insurance agency, Insurance Complaints Board, Banks' customer advice office and the Securities Board, setting up a contractual arrangement that is the Financial Ombudsman Service (FINE).

Tasks and duties

FINE’s purpose is to provide consumers, SMEs and corresponding customers with advice in the problems they may face in their insurance, banking and investment operations as well as to solve the related complaints.

FINE’s services are provided free of charge to the customers.

FINE seeks to promote the interests of the financial sector’s customers and the healthy development of the practices in the financial sector. FINE also contributes to the legislative preparation work.

To enhance the competence in financial matters, FINE publishes guidebooks and comparisons and participates in respective co-operative projects, trying to promote the safe use of credit and debit cards and the overall competence in economy-related matters.

Annual Report 2021

More information about FINE's operations in Annual Report 2021.

FINE management

Executive Group

Anu Koskenvuo, Chief executive officer
Harri Isokoski, Senior Legal Counsel
Tuomas Siirala, Senior Legal Counsel
Elina Antila, Head of Communicatons


Elina Antila, Head of Communications

Dispute resolution bodies in EU

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