Third party liability, legal expense and business insurance policies

Advice we provide

Third party liability, legal expense and business insurance policies

In insurance issues, we provide advice and answers to question often related to the insurance company’s decision on a claim, the terms of the insurance contract, its scope of coverage, legal provision or procedures.

As concerns liability insurance, we provide advice in questions related to personal and material damage and explain the nature of the liability insurance to the customers, highlighting the intrinsic evaluation of potential negligence. Questions are often related to personal injuries and discussions about causal relationships, degree of disability and trauma in the areas of the shoulder, knee and ankle.  In material damage issues, the questions related to the damage of some form of immobile or mobile property and various types of compensation.

The advice we give in legal expense cover relates, for example, to the claims about the same content of insurance coverage of different policies and uninterrupted validity of the cover, the obligation to make the complaint and the timeframe for complaining. The questions may be extremely complicated. In fact, one fourth of all legal expense cover issues are, in the end, examined as disputes which is illustrative of their difficult and complex character.

The questions about corporate and business insurance policies are normally concentrated on liability insurance policies as well as property insurance policies and those covering the interruption of operations. In general liability insurance issues, the cases examined concern water damages taking place when various installation and repair works are made.

General liability insurance and legal expenses insurance are often associated or annexed to home insurance policies. General liability insurance covers situation where the insured has the liability to compensate for the damages caused to another person or party. In turn, legal expenses insurance covers, in certain cases, the legal and litigation costs incurred.

In both types of insurance policies, the insured persons (those who are the beneficiaries of the valid insurance policy) are the policyholder, in other words, the person in whose name the insurance has been taken, and the family members living in the same household.