Insurances of the person

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Insurances of the person

The voluntary insurances of the person are taken to provide for unfortunate situations that may have difficult financial consequences, such as serious illness, disability or death. These insurance policies include, among others, health insurance, private accident insurance, life insurance, loan insurance and pharmaceutical insurance.

We provide advice in questions related to voluntary insurance of the person. The questions are varied and they often focus on the policy terms and the contents of the insurance companies’ decisions on the claims. Typical questions are the following was the decision correct, did an occurrence of damage meet the definition of accident, what is the causal relationship between the accident and the trauma as well as the assessed degree of handicap, what are the grounds for a higher premium in a health insurance policy, why was no insurance granted or why did it include an exclusion based on the health information.

As a main rule, we do not provide advice in cases with statutory insurance policies. We do not handle or provide advice concerning the following statutory insurances: pension insurance (employee pension issues), statutory health insurance, unemployment insurance (benefits paid by the National Insurance Institution Kela or the unemployment funds).  As an exception, we provide general advice regarding the statutory accident insurance (accidents at work and occupational illness) and the patient insurance.

  • In issues related to the statutory accident insurance, complaints can be lodged with the Accidents Complaints Board. The decisions of the Board are appealable through a complaint addressed to the Insurance Court.
  • Patient injuries cases can be submitted to the Patient Injuries Board or general courts of law.