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Animal insurance

Insurance companies have particular insurance policies covering animals. They mostly cover cats, dogs and horses but it is also possible to take an insurance for more exotic animals. Animal insurance policies can include several different types of insurance, the most common being treatment expense insurance and animal life insurance. The treatment expense insurance will compensate for the veterinary expenses incurred for the treatment of an accident or illness, while the animal life insurance covers the death of the animal in question.

Choice of insurance policy

When choosing a policy, it is important to consider which type of coverage the animal should have and what potential expenses will be reimbursed. It is advisable to read and compare the core contents and extents of coverage of different insurance policies. It is advisable to clear up which will be compensated and what are the exclusions included in the policy terms. It is also worthwhile to read in advance about the regulations concerning the amounts of compensation and related maximum limits as well as the potential excesses so that there would be no negative surprises when damages eventually occur.