Voluntary motor vehicle and motor liability insurances

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Statutory motor liability insurance

The motor liability will cover the personal injuries and material damages of the guiltless party of the road accident. They will include, for example, medical expenses and repair costs incurred for the damaged car. The vehicle may also be salvaged at its fair value if it is not repairable at reasonable cost or if it is destroyed.

The guiltless party may have supplementary support based on a clause for a salvage situation in their own voluntary motor vehicle insurance. In that case, the statutory motor liability insurance will cover the car’s fair value at its salvage price while the supplementary compensation, as agreed in the policy, or other benefit will be paid out of the voluntary motor vehicle insurance.

The motor liability insurance also compensates for the injuries of the persons who were passengers in the vehicle that caused the accident. The motor liability insurance does not compensate for the damage to the vehicle of the party who was guilty of the accident, but they may be paid for by the guilty party’s own voluntary insurance.