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Travel insurance

Travel insurance provides security in various travelling-related situations. Travel insurance is often a combination of various policies, including the traveller’s insurance, luggage insurance, travel insurance and travel-related legal expenses insurance.

Insurance validity

The travel insurances can be taken out as a fixed-term policy for one specific trip or as a continuous annual insurance policy in which case you need not inform the insurance company about your travels when you take off.

A fixed-term policy is in force for the time specified by the customer taking out the insurance. Continuous annual policies also cover trips of a maximum length only, often no longer than 3 months of uninterrupted travelling. The area of validity of travel insurance policies may be limited. Moreover, the policy terms generally list certain risky activities which are not covered by the policy, in other words, any accidents potentially taking place will not entitle to a compensation.

It will normally be possible to extend the period of validity of travel insurance policies, and also extend them to various activities by making a specific agreement with the insurance company. The extension of the validity may be subject to an additional premium.