The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Service

FINE provides the customers with advice in their issues related to insurance, banking and securities. You can contact the FINE advice services if direct discussions with the service provider do not lead to a solution of your problem. FINE will give you instructions on how to proceed, for example, if the insurance company has decided not to accept your claim or the conduct of your bank or other investment service company does not meet with your expectations. Advice is also available before you make a decision to purchase a service or a product. In addition to advice, FINE issues recommendations on solutions of disputes concerning insurance, banking and securities issues. FINE’s services are provided free of charge.

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Contact us

You can contact FINE by phone, email or conventional letter. The advice services give you further instructions regarding the complaints and the examination of your case by the Complaints Board in question. When contacting us in writing, please use the contact form specifically designed for the purpose. Call services are available from Monday to Thursday and are free of charge.

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Advice services

FINE helps you with issues related to insurance, banking and securities matters. If you have received a negative response to your insurance claim or the bank’s conduct has not met with your satisfaction, you can contact FINE's advice services. We can also provide you with information on the relevant legislation and the generally accepted modes of operation in the financial sector.

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Complaints Boards

The advice services will instruct you in subjecting your case to a FINE Complaints Board. If the case is not resolved through negotiations, you can ask for a recommendation for a solution by making a written complaint addressed to the respective FINE Board. You will not need legal counsel or other assistance to request a recommendation from a FINE Board.

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FINE Annual Report 2015

The year 2015 was a busy and active year for FINE: we had 9 296 customer cases. The aggregate number was much the same as in the previous year, but the various sectors showed the usual year-to-year fluctuation

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