International co-operation

FIN-NET network

Established in 2001 by the European Commission, FIN-NET is a network helping European consumers and companies to solve disputes in the financing service sector in a rapid, inexpensive and simple manner in cases where the service provider operates in an EU Member State other than the consumer’s country of residence. Finland has been involved in the network operations since the very beginning, and today the network includes FINE’s advisory operations and the Complaints Boards as well as the Consumer Disputes Board. The Commission webpages include the updated information on the network participants, with relevant contact details.

The FIN-NET member organisation in the customer’s country of residence will help to find the correct channel of appeal as well as provide information on the eventual deadlines, formal aspects, examination times for the complaints as well as other practical aspects. The customer’s home country’s FIN-NET member organisation does not make a complaint on behalf of the customer or represent customers. Please go to the European Commission site FIN-NET for further information.

How do you get the help in the right place and at the right time? Watch the video on the FIN-NET network services.

International Network of Financial Services Ombudsman Schemes (INFO Network)

FINE is also a member of the global International Network of Financial Services Ombudsman Schemes (INFO Network). INFO Network is an umbrella organisation constituted by out-of-court dispute solving organisations of different countries, with the affiliates involved in solving consumer problem situations and disputes in financial matters.

INFO Network also seeks to promote and develop out-of-court disputes solving and the international modes of operation of the organisations.

Nordic co-operation

FINE collaborates with Nordic financial ombudsman services. The objective is to hold co-operation meetings on an annual basis.