How to request a resolution recommendation

This is what you should do

  1. Always contact the service provider first.
    • Before addressing your complaint to FINE, contact your service provider first: the claims handler at the insurance company responsible for you case, the bank, the investment service company or the mutual fund company. This makes it possible for you to ensure that the service provider has received all the necessary information, documents, photos or other clarifications.
  2. You can contact FINE if direct discussions with the service provider do not lead to a solution of your problem.
    • Most cases are solved already through advice, and the solution is more rapidly reached.
    • If these steps do not bring a result and the decision taken by the service provider still seems unsatisfactory, a further remedy available to you is to ask for FINE’s recommended solution.
  3. Request for a resolution recommendation.
    • To obtain a resolution recommendation, you should make a written complaint and sign it.
    • You can file the complaint or request for information by using the web contact form. The writ for complaint should be clear and concise.
    • The complaint should include at least the following information:
      • Complainant’s name and contact details, including the phone number during office hours
      • If an attorney is used, his/her contact details and a power of attorney from the client = complainant.
      • Details of the service provider in question (insurance company, bank, investment service company or mutual fund company)
      • The product or service concerned
      • The response given so far by the service provider in the case; in insurance matters, the insurance and claim number, specifying which particular decision of the insurance company is the object of the request.
      • Specified financial claims, in other words, what parts of the service provider's service or decision should be changed
      • Grounds for the changes or compensations requested
  4. Issue of a resolution recommendation.
  5. FINE will issue a written resoluton recommendation both to the customer and the service provider.


N.B. The complaints must be accompanied by copies of the documents you wish to plead to in your case. Please do not send original prints, prints, receipts or invoices. FINE is not in charge of any compensation payments and therefore these documents are not needed.

Attorney and power of attorney

When asking for a recommendation for the solution of the dispute, the customer need not have legal counsel or an attorney. Based on its Regulations, FINE does not examine the question of reimbursement of expenses incurred for the complaints addressed to them. This also applies to the expenses incurred for the use of an attorney.

However, if you wish to have some representing you, he or she must always present FINE with a power of attorney given by the client. Attorneys-in-law and legal aid counsels also need to present a power of attorney. This is due to the fact that the secrecy stipulations included in the legislation covering the financial sector also apply to the FINE personnel, Complaints Board members and the experts employed by FINE. Due to these stipulations, the attorney cannot receive any information on an individual complaint before they present their power of attorney.

Alternative solution through the Consumer Disputes Board and courts of law

In several insurance and banking issues, you can also refer to the Consumer Disputes Board. The proceedings in these Boards are mutually exclusive: FINE will not issue a decision in a case pending at the Consumer Disputes Board.

Moreover, FINE will not issue a recommended solution in a case that is pending or has been examined by a court of law.