Co-operation projects

FINE is involved in several co-operation projects geared to increase the consumers’ knowledge and skills in financial matters.

Safe use of debit and credit cards –

The purpose of the project is to promote the safe use of debit and credits cards in Finland. The project has opened the site which includes general information on card payments. The project brings together the work of various financial sector operators and the police to promote card safety.

E-learning environment for the young – learning about the financial issues at

Targeted at young people, the project offers an interesting learning environment focusing on the management of one’s personal finances. The interactive contents of the site constitute a comprehensive and exciting way to learn about each person’s own financial management. This can be done as a part of school teaching in economics, and the site is especially targeted at ninth-graders.

The materials are designed to support the teachers in their classroom work. The students can use their own computers to go through the materials in self-study, supported by the teacher. One module will take about ten minutes to complete, providing a deeper insight into the school curriculum contents and combining the financial skills to practical life.

Zaldo has four modules focusing on income and expenses, purchasing and payment, saving and investing as well as insurance and risk management. There is also a vocabulary, suggested links and a game for the ninth-graders to test their economics skills.

Zaldo is a site maintained by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. FINE has also collaborated with Nuori Yrittäjyys ry (Young entrepreneurship) for the arrangement of a competition for the young.

To see a brief video on Zaldo in YouTube, click here.

Towards better knowledge about economics – the Mun talous (My finances) project

The main objective of the Mun talous project is to strengthen the economics competence of the Finnish young, at the same time preventing any future financial problems. Financed by the Finnish Slot Machines Association, the project will be implemented in 2013–2017.

FINE is particularly involved in the group called Learning materials and collaboration with institutes of learning. The aim is to bring the economics materials produced by various parties to the schools and the young’s attention and use.