How to contact us

You can contact FINE by calling our advice services, filling in the contact form in the web or sending a signed form by conventional mail or email.

Call services are available

from Monday to Thursday between 10 and 16
tel. +358 9 6850 120

The advice per phone is free of charge. Finnish network charge (pvm) will be applied if you use the land line or the cell phone charge (mpm) if you use your mobile phone.

Contact through the web form



You can also contact the advice services by using the web form.

To use the form, you need to identify yourself with your netbank user ID and code. If necessary, you can attach files to the web form. Please attach all files in the same message. Once you have sent the form, you can print and/or save the form for your records.

Contact by regular mail or email

You can contact the advisory services through regular mail or email by using the printable contact form. Please first read how FINE files and processes your personal data, and then print out the form here. After filling in and signing the form, either scan and email it to info(at) or mail it to:

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau
Porkkalankatu 1
00180 Helsinki

You can also write a letter (in free form), sign and send it to us. Please make sure that your letter includes the details mentioned under ‘Before contacting FINE’.

For short and simple questions, you can also contact FINE by email. Send your questions to: info(at)

Before contacting FINE

To facilitate and speed up the process, please check the following before you first contact FINE.

  • Service or decision is concerned.
  • Which service provider (insurance company, bank or other investment service company) is involved?
  • In insurance issues:
    • The type of insurance policy concerned (e.g., private or work-related accident, home insurance or general liability insurance)
    • The insurance company decision concerned.
    • The claims number issued by the insurance company and the date of the decision on the claim (normally printed in the decision in question).
    • The instructions for appeal you have received. The time for appeal may be short.
  • In banking and securities issues:
    • What is the reason for your contact?
    • If it is about a disagreement, what is the service provider's stand in the case?
    • What would you like FINE to do in the issue?
  • If you wish to have help to clarify an issue regarding a third person, you will always need a power of attorney from that person.
  • If you take written contact, please include detailed contact data so that you can be reached during office hours. Please do not send any original receipts, repair or medical invoices or similar to FINE. Keep them for eventual later needs or, if it is a question of medical expenses, for a claim to be submitted to Kela.
  • When contacting FINE by mail or email, it would be advisable to attach a copy of the decision or reply you have received from the service provider.

No legal counsel is needed

You do not need to use an agent, e.g. a legal aid counsel, in order to contact FINE.

However, if you wish to have an agent, you must always provide them with a written authorisation (power of attorney). The authorisation is necessary because the non-disclosure obligations stipulated in the legislation covering financial companies also apply to FINE’s personnel, the members of its Boards and the experts employed by FINE. Due to these stipulations, an agent cannot receive any information on an individual case until they present their authorisation. You can print out the authorisation here.