Examination process

1. Contacting FINE advice services.

The best way for you to contact the advice services is by phone. In the majority of the cases, one telephone conversation is sufficient to solve the issue. More detailed clarifications and contacts with the service provider call for a written and signed permission given by the customer.

2. Examination of the case or complaint and respective advice

The more detailed clarifications involve a study of the documentation on the case by FINE advice services and, if necessary, negotiations with the service provider (insurance company/bank/other company) about possible solutions. Extensive questions, such as the examination of personal injury or property damage issues, may take months. In medical issues related to personal accident, traveller and general liability insurance policies, the medical doctors used as experts by FINE advice services also contribute to the clarifications.

3. Closing the case or complaint or subjecting it to the FINE Complaints Boards

If so desired, the customer can submit the issue/complaint to one of the FINE Complaints Boards (Insurance, Banking or Investment Complaints Board). The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau acts as the secretariat of the Boards. The Board recommendation is requested in written form, and the customer does not pay anything for the operations.