Advice services

FINE provides the customers with advice in issues and problems related to insurance, banking and securities.

FINE is pleased to help you, for example, if the insurance company’s response to your claim has been negative or the conduct of your bank does not meet with the expectations. Advice is also available before the purchase of a service or a product.

The advice services answer questions and provide information on legislation, contractual terms, the practice and modes of operation following in the financial sector, on the FINE recommendations and relevant case law, to quote some areas of questions.

The advice services are free of charge for the customers. However, FINE does not draft the complaints on behalf of the customers.

When trying to solve the issue or problem, the customer should first contact service provider in question (insurance company, bank or investment service company).


Advice on insurance questions::

  • Voluntary insurance, such as home, car, travel, medical expense, private accident, general liability and pharmaceutical injury insurance as well as voluntary company insurance policies.
  • Supplementary pension insurance policies subscribed to by industry-wide [VR1] or company pension funds as well as health insurance issues with employee benefit funds.
  • FINE also provides advice and clarification help in insurance issues related to the statutory motor liability insurance. In disputes regarding the indemnities on accidents, the customer can ask for the opinion of the the Traffic Accident Board. FINE will take up issues related to the motor liability insurance only if the Accident Appeal Board is not competent in the case. The Board has issued recommendations for the settlement of issues related, for example, to the premium of the motor liability insurance.
  • FINE provides general advice regarding the statutory accident insurance (accidents at work and occupational diseases) and the patient insurance.
    • In issues related to the statutory accident insurance, appeal can be lodged with the  the Accident Appeal Board while the decisions of the Board are appealable through a complaint addressed to the Insurance Court.
    • Patient injuries cases can be submitted to the Patient Injuries Board or general courts of law.

  • FINE does not examine issues related to the statutory pension insurance (employee pensions), the statutory health insurance or unemployment insurance issues (benefits from the National Insurance Institution Kela and unemployment funds) nor provide advice on questions related to them.


Banking-related advice is provided to private and corporate customers of banks. For example, FINE can examine the reply given by a bank and, if necessary, continue to study the case.


Securities advice services are available to all non-professional investors who have a customer relationship with an investment service provider – a bank, an investment company or a mutual fund company. Advice is provided in issues related to the provision of investment services, such as securities brokerage, investment advice, matters related to book-entry accounts, asset management or investment funds.